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Behind the Scenes

July 31, 2020

Season Five Wrap

After many changes to the production schedule for Season 5 due to Covid-19, the Small Business Revolution team completed filming virtually from Minneapolis, where Deluxe is headquartered. In order to film safely, there were many precautions implemented on set for our small business experts, co-hosts Amanda Brinkman and Ty Pennington, and the film crew. Also required—a custom audio-visual setup that enabled Season 5 business owners to film virtually from Fredonia, New York while Amanda, Ty, the experts, and members of the Deluxe marketing team filmed in Minneapolis. Check out behind-the-scenes photos from weeklong filming that wrapped up the next season of Small Business Revolution.

Small Business Goals

Co-hosts Amanda Brinkman and Ty Pennington were set up six feet apart on set, along with our small business experts, to discuss goals for each of the businesses featured in Season 5. From marketing challenges to operational setbacks, our team of experts discussed just what each business needs in order to move forward successfully, especially after a pandemic.

Marketing Advice

Members of the Deluxe team – located around the country – gathered virtually with Amanda and each of the business owners to discuss recommended strategies to help their businesses grow. From search engine optimization to brand redesigns, these marketing experts worked with the featured businesses to understand just why a strong digital marketing strategy and presence is critical to success.

Financial Guidance

U.S. Bank met with the featured Season 5 businesses, working with each of them to understand how to best approach their financials based on their unique challenges.

Marketing Updates

Co-host Amanda Brinkman, along with each business’s dedicated expert, met with business owners to reveal sneak peeks of their new marketing assets and strategies, along with fun surprises that will be revealed when Season 5 launches in November.

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