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Meet the Stars of SBR

May 4, 2020

Season 5 Experts

Each season of the Small Business Revolution, our team at Deluxe provides a marketing makeover for the featured businesses, while co-host Ty Pennington helps with renovations of their physical space. New in Season 5, U.S. Bank will be joining us to provide financial advice and guidance to each business, helping them ensure a profitable game plan for their future. To round out our advice, we match each business with an industry expert to provide unique insights only someone in their shoes would have. Below, meet our experts (all from our home base of Minnesota) who will be helping seven deserving businesses in Fredonia, New York in Season 5!

Amy Backman: Owner, Spruce Flowers & Events

Amy Backman is the owner of Spruce in Minneapolis, and will be helping Fresh & Fancy Flowers & Gifts , run by Charlotte Herlong and her son Michael. Amy’s education and background are in retail merchandising, and her experience has helped hone her design, display, and marketing skills. While working in a corporate career, Amy had a vision of opening a flower shop with a unique experience that offers “old-fashioned service and exceptional design.” She left her corporate job and opened Spruce in the spring of 2010.

Amy–who believes giving flowers feels just as joyful as receiving them—will help Fresh & Fancy try to differentiate from competitors by telling the story of this established business while highlighting their unique design capabilities.


Mikisha Nation: Teach for America

Mikisha Nation is the executive director of Teach for America – Twin Cities, an organization working to develop a new, more affordable pathway to teacher certification. Their goal is to impact not only the size, but also the diversity of the teacher workforce—providing a quality education to all students. Mikisha will work with Julie LaGrow, the executive director of the non-profit Literacy Volunteers of Chautauqua County, offering 1-on-1 adult literacy education to the Fredonia community.

Mikisha, who has a passion for helping students from challenging circumstances, will partner with Julie to help her increase her base of volunteer tutors and focus on one of the organization’s greatest challenges—funding.

Charlie Brackney Love: Haus Salon

As the co-founder of three Haus Salons in Minneapolis, Charlie Brackney Love is well versed in all things The Hair Bar needs help with—from offering a unique experience that will help them differentiate from their many competitors, to designing a more seamless, efficient in-salon experience. Charlie opened his first salon in 2011 and has been honored with local and national “Best of Awards” over the years.

Dedicated to fashion and trends, Charlie ensures his salon stays on top of their game, keeping their upscale salon busy with both repeat and new customers. In Season 5, Charlie will help The Hair Bar owner Carla Pucciarelli address her greatest business challenges, including growing her product and service offering.

Arwyn Birch and Teresa Fox: Glam Doll Donuts

Arwyn Birch and Teresa Fox co-own Glam Doll Donuts, which has two locations in the Twin Cities, each baking donuts from scratch daily. They’re known for creating distinctive, artfully designed donuts that help them stand out from your typical jelly donut joint. Because Arwyn and Teresa have created such a unique in-shop experience and offer a creative spin on this classic sweet treat, they’ve been featured by publications like USA Today and the Wall Street Journal.

The Glam Dolls will help Jessamine Daly-Griffen, who owns Om Nohm Gluten Free bakery and café . While Om Nohm’s mission is to provide nourishment to people with food intolerances, she’s working to attract those without intolerances as well. With help from Arwyn and Teresa, Jessamine hopes to expand her current customer base, streamline her menu, while continuing to offer a welcoming experience in her bakery.

Hiep Dang and Mylan Sleets: Pristine Detailing

Hiep and Mylan run Pristine Detailing, handling everything from shop operations to marketing. Their detailing business, which started out of their garage, is now a top-of-the-line auto spa with customers as notable as professional athletes. Mylan has worked with some of the biggest names in automotive production, while Hiep has a degree in automotive body repair and restoration—making them the perfect partners for Mike Plaza, the owner of Nyce & Clean Auto Detailing.

With help from Hiep and Mylan, Mike is hoping to attract more customers so he can switch from focusing on detailing as his side gig to running the business full time. Hiep and Mylan are not only experts in their industry, they understand how to streamline processes and increase profits, giving them an extra edge to guide the growth plan for Nyce & Clean.

Mike Luckraft: Legends Club

Mike Luckraft is the General Manager and Director of Golf at Legends Club, an 18-hole championship golf course voted National Golf Course of the Year in 2007. Not only does Mike oversee the day-to-day operations of the club, he’s also a member of the Professional Golfers Association and has won several national tournaments.

Mike will work with Debbie Mancuso, owner of Vineyards Golf Course, to ensure her club remains affordable and accessible for all ages and skillsets, while modernizing some of the clubs missing capabilities, like online tee time booking. Debbie also wants to start hosting more events, something that Legends is experienced in—offering everything from corporate golf events and meetings to weddings and banquets.

JJ Haywood: Pizza Luce

JJ Haywood is the CEO of Pizza Luce, a well-known, local pizza shop that’s grown to an admirable 10 locations. JJ has been on the board of the Minnesota Restaurant Association since 2009, bringing knowledge and history to the table (pun intended). Like Pizza Luce, Lena’s Pizza & Sub Shop offers hand-made ingredients, made fresh daily—priding themselves in the taste and quality that set them apart from other local shops. JJ will work with the owner of Lena’s, Matt Swank, to make his operation more efficient while still maintaining the business’s long-standing history in the community.

Matt purchased Lena’s in 2018 but started working there as a student in the late 1990s. While he’s proud of the restaurant’s history, Matt realizes the dine-in experience offers much to be desired and acknowledges that they need help modernizing their operations with technology. JJ, who was named restaurateur of the year in 2018, will partner with Matt to provide the expertise and guidance needed to take Lena’s to the next level as they work to improve their existing location while opening a second in nearby Dunkirk.

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