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Fredonia Businesses

February 28, 2020

Meet the Top 7 Businesses

In each season’s winning town, there are countless businesses that embody just what we’re looking for in the series—businesses who are on a great trajectory but need marketing, operational, and sometimes financial guidance to take them to the next level. This season in Fredonia, New York, is no exception. After reviewing more than one hundred business nominations and hosting many interviews, the Small Business Revolution team selected seven to be featured in Season 5, launching Fall of 2020.

Fresh & Fancy Flowers & Gifts

This family-owned flower shop has been around since 1989, opened by Charlotte Herlong and her mother first in Dunkirk, NY, later moving down the road to Fredonia. Today, Charlotte and her son Michael run the shop and pride themselves in providing a personalized experience and custom floral arrangements to customers.

Like many florists across the country, Fresh & Fancy is challenged with competing against big-box retailers and online aggregators, where customers’ online orders are fulfilled through local shops, ultimately reducing their profits. Working to evolve their long-standing brand to be fresh and modern, the team at Deluxe—alongside Amy Backmann from Spruce—is focused on strengthening an online presence that reflects Fresh & Fancy’s unique story, along with a social media strategy that helps them stay relevant and reach more customers.

Literacy Volunteers of Chautauqua County

The mission of this non-profit is to transform the lives of individuals and communities through literacy, helping adults with skills that range from reading and writing to math and financial acumen. Despite the demand for literacy in the area, executive director Julie LaGrow doesn’t have enough volunteers to help satisfy the demand for literacy support.

The organization’s other great challenge is funding, which is partially subsidized by its bookstore, directly adjacent to the tutoring center. All proceeds from the books, which are often donated, go toward funding the non-profit.

Partnering with Mikisha Nation, Executive Director of Teach for America, Deluxe is focused on driving awareness of Literacy Volunteers to increase funding and encourage volunteerism. The team is also working to streamline the tutoring center and bookstore’s brand while enhancing their online presence to clearly communicate the value they bring to the community.

The Hair Bar

Inspired by hardworking parents who owned their own small business, Fredonia native Carla Pucciarelli opened The Hair Bar Salon & Spa in 2017. In addition to running the business and working as a stylist, Carla’s team includes six additional stylists and one barber to draw in male clientele.

Knowing the salon market is saturated in Fredonia, Carla’s dream is to elevate The Hair Bar’s aesthetic and experience, both online and within the shop, while maintaining its welcoming feeling. With room to grow and the ability to add more services, Carla wants to expand the business and also tap into the retail side of the salon industry by selling products in-store. Working with Haus Salon owner and expert Charlie Brackney Love, the team at Deluxe is focused on a branding and marketing makeover that will help The Hair Bar stand out from the crowd.

Om Nohm Gluten Free

Om Nohm Gluten Free is a bakery and cafe run by Jessamine Daly-Griffen, offering a delicious array of gluten free, vegan, and dairy free options. Her mission is to nourish people with food intolerances and provide a warm, welcoming space to combat social isolation.

While many of Om Nohm’s customers have a necessity for gluten-free choices, Jessamine’s goal is to also attract people without food intolerances—tapping into a larger market and helping bring people together, regardless of their dietary needs.

As the only gluten-free kitchen in the area, Jessamine is looking to expand her reach to include wholesale opportunities. Deluxe and industry experts Arwyn Birch and Teresa Fox from Glam Doll Donuts are partnering to help Jessamine advance her marketing game and become more widely known in her community.

Nyce & Clean Auto Detailing

Having started his business in just 2018, Mike Plaza is hoping to transition from his other full-time job to running his detailing shop as his primary source of income. He’s extremely passionate about his work and wants to elevate his brand to reflect the level of service his customers receive.

Currently serving a handful of customers each day, Mike’s goal is to attract a steadier customer base by adding more services and tapping into more corporate clients that have vehicle fleets. With just one bay dedicated to detailing cars, he’s hoping to expand into an adjacent garage as his business grows.

The team at Deluxe, alongside Hiep Dang and Mylan Sleets with Pristine Detailing, is working to take Mike’s original marketing efforts up a notch with a sleek brand and user-friendly online presence, making it easy for customers to learn about his services and schedule appointments.

The Vineyards Golf Course

The Vineyards Golf Course, formerly split into two 9-hole courses under different ownership, is working to re-establish themselves as an 18-hole course with a new name. Formerly known as Hillview, the renaming of the course has created confusion among the local community—with some even thinking the course has closed.

After a huge investment to revive the playability of the course, owner Debbie Mancuso wants to ensure her club remains affordable and accessible to members of the community. The only public course in Fredonia, Vineyards offers walk-on tee times, golf leagues, and lessons. In an effort to expand their offering, Vineyards is also trying to grow their wedding and event capabilities.

Working with expert Mike Luckraft, GM and Director of Golf at Legends Golf Club, the team from Deluxe is helping Debbie get the word out about her club—attracting golfers of all ages and skillsets—while reducing the brand confusion. On top of that, Vineyards is hoping to offer online booking capabilities in addition to their welcoming walk-on policy.

Lena’s Pizza and Sub Shop

Matt Swank’s love for Lena’s started in the late ‘90s when he worked at the pizza shop after high school. After three offers to buy the business over the years, Matt was able to purchase Lena’s in 2018. While the shop has been around since 1995, not much has changed since then. With the goal of modernizing his operation while still offering tried and true quality and flavor, the team from Deluxe is working to evolve the brand while paying homage to Lena’s history.

One of Lena’s biggest challenges is the lack of a robust website. Without the ability to place an order online—and with a potential “busy signal” when customers call—they’re likely losing out on business. And, with an outdated and cramped interior space, most orders are delivery or pickup, with very few customers staying to dine in.

JJ Haywood is the CEO of Pizza Luce, is working with Deluxe to create more efficient operations and maximize Lena’s online presence and capabilities to propel this beloved pizza restaurant into a new era.

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