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Behind the Scenes

February 7, 2020

Behind the Scenes with our Season 5 Winner

We started the search for the Season 5 winning town by reviewing thousands of small town applications, traveling the country to get to know the Top 10, narrowing down those contenders to the Top 5, and tallying hundreds of thousands of votes.  While each of the Top 5 towns rallied their communities in preparation for the winner announcement, Amanda Brinkman, along with the Small Business Revolution team, was discreetly venturing to Fredonia with our film crew, preparing to announce them as the Season 5 winner.  We snapped some photos along the way to share a behind-the-scenes peek at what happens before Amanda steps out on stage to congratulate the winning town.

Each season, filming begins in the winning town, capturing the moment when that town learns that they received the most votes and will be featured in the upcoming season. Pictured here, back stage at the Fredonia Opera House, is host of the series Amanda Brinkman chatting with our director and producer. Flown in from Austin, Texas, our production crew spent the day preparing to capture the community’s reaction as Amanda stepped out on stage.

In the basement of the Fredonia opera house, producer Tanya and Small Business Revolution team member Erica prep Amanda for her on-stage (and on-screen) debut. Anticipation was running high as the team clandestinely awaited the announcement, avoiding being seen by Fredonia residents and community leaders.

As the pre-recorded announcement video played in each of the top 5 towns, Amanda waited backstage for her cue from the director to walk on stage and surprise Fredonia.

The people of Fredonia were waiting patiently as the announcement video played, just moments before they found out they were the Season 5 winner.

Right after the formal announcement, Amanda lets onlookers know what’s ahead of Fredonia as Season 5 production begins, encouraging the town to rally around their small businesses community.

Following the announcement, Amanda poses with one of our youngest fans to date. Interacting with residents and business owners is one of the highlights each season!

After some live music and spending time getting to know Fredonia residents, Amanda snagged a bag of kettle corn from the rally.

The day after the announcement, the Small Business Revolution team and film crew began filming for a series of upcoming “Marketing Minutes,” where we’ll share tips and tricks for small business owners, featuring highlights and never-before-seen footage from each season. Check out the first of many videos to come. 

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