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January 21, 2020

Five ways to keep the Small Business Revolution momentum going

Revitalization work can be challenging, but your town can use the momentum from the Small Business Revolution to work toward transforming the heart of your community—its main street.  Whether or not your town was in the running for Season 5 of the Small Business Revolution, this list of tips will help you start (or keep) the momentum building in your town.

Collaborate across organizations

One thing we see in every town we visit is that the Small Business Revolution is a catalyst for town leaders to come together and work toward the same goal, ultimately creating greater synergies within their community. If you’re a town leader, such as the mayor or head of economic development, stay in sync with other local leaders to ensure you have similar goals for strengthening your downtown or commercial district’s economy.

Get involved in your downtown

If you’re a resident or small business owner, consider connecting with your tourism agency, Chamber of Commerce, main street organization or any other groups that are leading revitalization efforts and driving the community forward. Not only will you stay informed, you’ll have the opportunity to weigh in and influence change.

Shop, eat and stay local

There are so many reasons to keep your dollars local, from receiving a more personal customer experience to consciously supporting the local economy (not to mention helping to create jobs).  When you buy local rather than from national chains, sixty percent more of your money stays in the nearby economy. Plus, supporting these one-of-a-kind businesses—from comic book stores to flower shops to bakeries— keeps your town unique and desirable.

Submit online reviews

When people are looking for somewhere to shop or eat, they typically start with an online search.  By providing reviews for local businesses, you’ll help other residents —and tourists—find and frequent the small businesses you review.  Post quality photos in your review to help people get a sense for a business before their visit, which will help drive traffic.

Join the conversation

It’s important to become an engaged member of your community and get involved, rather than just waiting for change to happen.   A community is stronger when more people are advocating for growth and change. Each year we’ve held our “Main Street” contest, we’ve seen the most success (even from towns who don’t win) when the sense of community is alive and growing. If only a few people are willing to work to improve your town and your businesses, then chances are it won’t gain the momentum it needs to succeed.

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