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November 18, 2019

Savor + Sip Expands Branding, Chills with New Cooler, Copes with Change

By Jennifer Amundson, Deluxe Director of Social Media and Communications

Savor + Sip looked like a successful business from the outside and the inside, too. Opened by two young women, Josie Braun and Amelia Brackett Braun, the business was gorgeously decorated and welcomed students, professionals and family alike to relax as long as they wanted. They serve sandwiches, soup, fancy coffee and, most interestingly, crepes to their neighbors in Searcy, Arkansas.

“Looked like” are the operative words. Josie and Amelia were working ridiculously long hours at the shop. They had developed an inconsistent menu of treats that used loads of different ingredients. They also lacked a commercial refrigerator, so whatever money they took in was being more than eaten up by trips to the store to pay retail prices for supplies. They were new to the restaurant business, but already aging from the strain.

That’s when Deluxe stepped in. We brought along expert restauranteur, Kim Bartmann, to improve their business practices and help them streamline production. Kim joined Deluxe’s Amanda Brinkman and Damon Fieldgate in expressing concern that the women were not in charge of or even aware of their financial performance, breaking the news that they had lost more than $30 thousand last year. They all encouraged the young owners to wrest control of their books from Amelia’s father and insist on making business decisions with complete information.

Savor + Sip had a consistent brand and a good logo already, so Deluxe experts just tidied up a bit and then plastered their logo across products Josie and Amelia could sell and give away to promote their restaurant: hats, bags, and food packaging, to name a few. The social media team pointed out that while Savor + Sip was excelling at Instagram stories, they were barely on the record for Facebook fans, an established demographic with whom they needed to be communicating. We encouraged them to use a calendar to become more purposeful in their posts.

Deluxe also contributed a new commercial walk-in cooler to improve their storage and reduce expensive trips to the grocery store. The new fridge saves on gas and sanity, as they can now order ahead and keep their supplies fresh.

Josie and Amelia celebrated their wedding in May and the season finale was shot in June. The young couple had taken so many big steps in a short time, but one more was still in store, a tragic one. Amelia’s mother, Kelly Brackett, died unexpectedly on July 18, 2019, from a medical issue. Kelly was a great supporter of her family, her daughter’s business and The Small Business Revolution. You’ll see a note about her passing in the closing credits of the show.

Losing Amelia’s mother was a terrible shock for the young couple, and a reminder for the rest of us. Entrepreneurs run their businesses and deal with the same challenges we all do. A curve can come from any direction. As with all our businesses, we wish them the best as they go on.

Watch the full episode by clicking here!

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