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November 11, 2019

Zion Climbing and Event Center Fixes the Broken Pieces

By Jennifer Amundson, Deluxe Director of Social Media and Communications

I will admit to being overwhelmed the first time I saw Zion Climbing and Event Center. Housed in a 100+ year old building, the amount of broken things on the front of the building alone made me wonder what we were getting ourselves into. That was before I saw the holes in the roof and the water on the floor.

Zion Climbing and Event Center is a non-profit located in Searcy, Arkansas. They are a gathering place for locals to try something new and for outsiders to feel welcome. We chose them as one of the top six businesses because of the heart shown by owners Sean and Emily Hudkins and the work we knew we could do for them: improved website, new logo, signage and swag. But there was no denying the elephant in the room. The building’s needs were overwhelming.

Deluxe approached the problem with a can-do attitude. In addition to the marketing help, we replaced the broken windows and door and added on-brand signage to give the approach to the building a safer feel. We added a release form to the website, so the owners could spend less time managing paper releases and more time promoting and running their business. We provided a social media plan and a tripod so they could create fun social media posts to attract more climbers.

But the biggest and hardest recommendations for Zion came in the form of soul searching. The business had struggled for years with a nebulous mission. Expert Kathryn Wyatt, the director of Base Camp in Minneapolis, helped them to articulate a mission statement to focus their work. Kathryn and Amanda Brinkman both recommend some structural changes in the organization’s leadership and also a call to action for the board to raise funds.

It wasn’t easy for the Hudkins to hear some of this advice. You have to see how it turned out. Watch the full episode by clicking here.


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