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November 4, 2019

Everyone is allowed a chance at success

By: Jenna Paulus, PR Manager at Deluxe

Imagine signing up for your first yoga class at a studio in town. You’re not sure what to expect and don’t know anyone. But as soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by multiple women in yoga gear with friendly hellos who tell you to head upstairs and make sure you have plenty of water. As you walk into the room, you’re smacked in the face with a heat you’ve never felt indoors. You didn’t realize a workout facility could be this hot. And you’re supposed to work out in this for the next hour?

Class starts and you quickly realize, this is more than your typical hot yoga. It starts with positive, motivational speaking by the instructor, and then suddenly, you’re doing burpees, jumping into the air grunting. What in the world is this class?! Why do you feel like you’re going to pass out at any minute? Once the cardio is over, you’re taken into more “normal” yoga poses, followed by a much needed Shavasana (that final relaxation pose) along with a cold towel for your forehead. When you leave class, you feel like you’ve just had the hardest workout of your life, however, you want to do it again and again and again. You are empowered, confident and strong.

That is what it feels like to experience your first nooma class. I’ve taken many classes at nooma and as I write this from Minnesota, I instantly wish I could be back in Searcy, Arkansas with Casey Cox, Nicole Hopkins and their group of amazing instructors. Casey and Nicole started nooma more than two years ago because they were looking for more out of their lives. Both turned to exercise and yoga to escape. In the two years, they’ve been in business, they’ve opened two other locations in Arkansas. Wow, with three studios, they must be killing it, right? Not quite. When we interviewed Casey and Nicole in March, we quickly realized that yes, they have an amazing studio and their classes are top-notch, however, neither of them makes any money from the business and on top of that, two of their locations are supporting one that is not doing so well.

When our team chose nooma as one of the six businesses to be featured on Season 4 of Small Business Revolution, we saw an opportunity to feature a business that was different. They might not be failing, but they’re struggling with problems other small businesses face, especially those that are fitness related. When is the right time to franchise, if at all, and how do you even start? When do you start adding your salaries as owners to the budget? In addition, our team saw a business that had two owners who didn’t see failure as an option. For Casey and Nicole, this business may not be something that supports their families yet, but it supports them. It supports something they’ve built themselves. It doesn’t matter that their husbands are able to provide for their families, why can’t they have an opportunity to provide as well?

What nooma has and what Casey and Nicole have built, is a place to go and feel like a better you. As a mom who has struggled with self-confidence much of my adult life, I’ve never felt more comfortable in my own skin than I did when I was at nooma taking a class. They make you feel welcome the minute you walk in the door and provide the strength and power to succeed in other aspects of your life. Sometimes people or places come into your life that give you a new outlook, and that is exactly what Casey, Nicole, and nooma have done for me. This business and the help Deluxe has given them, will help them continue to succeed and build and hopefully become something people outside of Arkansas know and love. If/when Casey and Nicole realize their franchise dreams, I’ll be the first in line to start one in Minnesota!

To watch the full episode and learn more about the changes Deluxe made for nooma, click here.

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