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October 31, 2019

Breathing new life into El Mercado

By Jenna Paulus, PR Manager, Deluxe

If you’ve watched every season of Small Business Revolution, then you may notice that we have a few experts that we bring back each year. Not only because we love them and they’re great to work with, but they consistently bring top-notch advice to the small businesses we work with and they love small businesses just as much as we do.

One of those experts is Lynne Robertson, President, and CEO of Fame Retail, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has worked with us each season to transform different retail businesses and her work is AMAZING. This year, when we chose El Mercado, an authentic Mexican grocery store in Searcy, Arkansas, owned by Jose and Catrina Mendoza, we knew exactly who to call.

Jose and Catrina needed Deluxe’s help to update their branding, give them a new website and get people into their store. However, we needed Lynne’s help to make the experience one-of-a-kind once those customers get in the door. The Mendoza’s had a great location on a well-traveled road in Searcy, but the interior of their store wasn’t user-friendly and a lot of the people who came into the store utilized their money transfer services and then left. With money transferring being at the front of the store, there was no chance for them to explore the shop.

And El Mercado is a very unique store in Searcy. Not only do they offer traditional Mexican foods, but they also have a carniceria (meat counter), baked goods and eggs that Jose and Catrina’s son, Camilo brings in from their family farm.

Lynne and her team at Fame set out to create a unique experience and breathe new life into Jose and Catrina’s store. The first step was adding colors from the brand pallet the team at Deluxe created. The colors on the walls not only brightened the entire store, but they felt authentic and fun. In addition, Lynne helped Catrina and Jose reimagine their store, moving the cash wrap station (which Jose helped build!) and helping the whole place flow better. Lynne’s last piece of advice? Putting the money transfer area in the back of the store. That way, when customers come in, they are forced to walk through the entire place and are more likely to see something that catches their eye and make a purchase, in addition to using the money transfer services. The new location also provides more privacy for those transactions.

We’re continuously wowed by the work Lynne and her team at Fame do. Each season they get better and better and the transformations are always jaw-dropping; and the transformation at El Mercado this season is no different. Watch the episode to see the transformation and the amazing work from our expert, Lynne Robertson!

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