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October 22, 2019

Finding a purpose with ARganic Woodwork

By Jenna Paulus, PR Manager Deluxe

How many times have you found yourself looking for your purpose in life? You’re in a job that feels drab and doesn’t make you happy, or you really want to get married and have children. Everyone’s purpose varies. Some of us find it sooner than others. Some of us pay people to help us find that purpose. But it seems rare to find not one, not two, but three, purposes in life.

That’s what happened with Coty Skinner, owner of one of the winning businesses for Season 4 of Small Business Revolution. He had found his purpose in life. He joined the service and was in Afghanistan doing what he thought he’d do forever. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t work out the way we plan. Coty suffered a head injury that led to him being honorably discharged from the Army. With a complete change in his life and career path, Coty set out to find a new purpose. Little did he know, he’d meet his future wife, Megan, who would help him find his new purpose: becoming a foster parent. Coty and Megan saw a need in their community of Searcy, Arkansas and went for it. They became foster parents and started fostering children who needed that strong family experience. Coty had found his purpose, but through that foster community, he found something else he loved doing, another purpose.

As Coty and Megan got involved with the foster community, they saw many blended families who had a need for custom dinner tables that were larger and fit the whole family. In addition, Coty started meeting other families with children who were disabled that couldn’t sit at their traditional tables.

With that, Coty got to work creating custom woodwork pieces for families. What started as a hobby, soon became something that Coty thought he might be able to turn into a business. He started creating more pieces and earlier this year, ARganic Woodwork was born. However, very quickly, Coty learned that you can’t just start a business and expect to have customers. And on top of that, Coty, being the ever-generous person, was still gifting some large products to customers instead of receiving a profit.

Our Deluxe team was immediately drawn to Coty, not only because of his story and how he got to where he is in life but because he is so incredibly caring and giving. He doesn’t do anything for selfish reasons. When our team sat down with him at our interview in March, he told us he really wants to get to a point with ARganic where he can hire people, particularly vets, like himself, as well as kids who have aged out of the foster system. He wants to teach them woodworking skills and give them a place to grow and thrive.

Coty may have the woodworking skills, but since his business is brand new and he has relatively no income from it yet, he can’t afford to market himself. Our team saw an opportunity to help our first real “start-up” on the show and hopefully continue to help bring Coty’s purpose to life in the process. From the website to promotional products to financial advice and assistance with finding a new space, Deluxe gave real-world help and advice that will hopefully help him get noticed and become a household name in Searcy, the state of Arkansas, and beyond.


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