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October 7, 2019

Top 10 Reasons to Watch Small Business Revolution Season 4

By: Jenna Paulus, PR Manager, Deluxe

Each year we invest $500,000 into one small town and six of its businesses as part of Deluxe’s Small Business Revolution. This season, the stories are amazing, heartfelt and sure to give you all the feels. Need more reasons to watch? Check out our Top 10 reasons to watch this season below!

1. You’ll cry happy tears – The business stories this year are compelling and heartfelt, we dare you not to cry!

2. All the SWAG – Did you know Deluxe sells promotional products? We LOVE giving these small business owners lots of SWAG with their new branding!

3. Endless laughs – With Amanda Brinkman and Ty Pennington at the helm, how could there not be!

4. Deluxe’s top-notch marketing – Websites, new branding, email marketing and more. The team at Deluxe set these businesses up for success!

5. Two words: Filipino food – Yes, Whilma’s food is as good as it looks!

6. Amanda Brinkman’s advice – As the Chief Brand Officer at Deluxe and a long resume of amazingness, Amanda always offers the best advice to our businesses!

7. Remarkable transformations – A new look for a restaurant, an incredible transformation of a Mexican grocery store and an even larger space for hot yoga. This year’s transformations are AMAZING.

8. Ty Pennington doing yoga – As much as we LOVE Ty, we don’t suggest following his lead when it comes to his yoga moves.

9. Adorable kiddos – We love when small business owners make it a family affair, and Jose and Catrina at El Mercado brought their adorable son, Camilo into the mix this year!

10. Because, who doesn’t love small businesses?


So what are you waiting for? Watch Season 4 in Searcy, launching October 8!


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