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July 2, 2019

An End That is Just the Beginning for Searcy

By Jenna Paulus, Public Relations Manager, Deluxe

As our team headed to Searcy, Arkansas for the final week of intense filming for Season 4 of Small Business Revolution, we were met with a mix of emotions. Every season, the final week of filming and reveal moments for the six amazing business owners we work with is always bittersweet. We are excited to showcase the incredible work the Deluxe team put into these businesses, from new websites, logos, branded apparel to email marketing and payroll. After hundreds of hours of work and making real connections with the business owners, it’s sad to see things come to an end.

A few of us have been on this journey with Searcy since the Top 10 tour back in January. The end is six months of work culminating in that final week.

Driving into Searcy in January, we had no idea that they would be the winning town out of thousands of other towns who were vying for the title. During that trip, we met so many business owners, some who really needed our help and others who seemed to be doing just fine. But as we have learned over the years, every small business owner is in need of a little boost. From a coffee shop with a beautiful façade, to a yoga studio run by two of the strongest, kindest women we’ve ever met, these were some of the faces of Searcy we spent time with for 24 hours on a chilly January day.

Now in the third week of June, the weather was far from chilly, with temps pushing 100 degrees and the humidity so thick you could cut it with a knife. And downtown Searcy was buzzing with excitement. Maybe it was the impending Beats and Eats festival, where the finale of Small Business Revolution Season 4 would be taking place; or maybe it was the renewed hope for a town that like so many others, had been struggling to get back to where it once was. Either way, our team was ready to put the finishing touches on what had been an incredible time in Searcy.

After the six businesses had been surprised and delighted with marketing and physical changes, along with a few other surprises, our work was done. On that final night, Ty Pennington and Amanda Brinkman, chief brand and communications officer for Deluxe, took the stage in front of the large crowd on Spring Street to offer their words of hope for the town. They both spoke about their incredible time in Searcy, their love for the town and the people they had met. Along with all the small business owners and town leaders who we had worked with so closely.

Watching the crowd that night, you could see the pride, the excitement, the joy. These people, this town, like every town we’ve worked with before, it is one of the best feelings in the world to know that what we are doing at Deluxe and with the Small Business Revolution is changing lives forever.

Season 4 of Small Business Revolution featuring Searcy, Arkansas will premiere October 8 on Hulu and SmallBusinessRevolution.org. Stay tuned for more updates on our blog, Facebook and Instagram channels as we get closer to the premiere to learn more about this amazing town.


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