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April 13, 2019

Small Business Tips: Don’t lose your customers when you move

Written by: Julie Gordon

The sign in the window says your business has moved, but Google Maps is still sending your potential customers to your old location. More than once in the past few years a small business owner has told me they lost customers when they moved locations, and oftentimes it was because the internet didn’t get the news. The owners had updated their website and social media sites, but external sources like Yelp and mapping programs were still trying to catch up with the change of address. It’s such a common problem that it’s the #1 tip on the moving checklist located in Deluxe’s Small Business Resource Center.

The answer lies on how the internet finds out where you are and where it turns to get the most accurate information. In addition to submitting your address change on government documents, there are three main sites that are picked up by other third-party listings and feed information throughout the web. They include Google My Business, Yelp and Facebook. If you tackle these three first, you should begin to see other listings reflect your new address.

Here’s a quick checklist to make sure your change of address doesn’t change your success:

  1. Update third-party listings online

Create an inventory of every website and service where your business is listed. Use a free tool to scan the internet for listings to insure your address is displayed properly. It’s best practice to update your old listing with your new information vs. setting up a new listing.

  1. Leverage your move to boost sales

Opening your new location may offer the perfect time to re-energize your business. Share the exciting news with your customers via a postcard, email and social media. Include a reason for them to visit your new space – perhaps a grand reopening event. And don’t forget to inform your local media.

  1. Get to know your new neighbors

If your new location is near other small businesses or nonprofits, be sure to introduce yourself as soon as possible. Design a postcard or business card to share as you shake hands with your new neighbors. Forging new connections may offer new opportunities to collaborate and grow your business.

Following these three tips will go a long to way to make sure your move isn’t at the expense of your loyal and potential new customers.

Interested in this topic? You can find more resources about moving locations and other topics in Deluxe’s Small Business Resource Center.


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