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April 2, 2019

Small Business Owner Struggles

For the new “Small Business Tips” series, we met one-on-one with inspiring entrepreneurs all across America. Each one shares actionable insights and lessons to help other small business owners overcome some of their biggest (and most common) challenges. 

Every small business and small business owner is unique. But, there are some common struggles that plague folks as they are getting started and staying in business. As the Small Business Revolution team traveled to the Top 10 Towns, we gathered observations from local businesses about what they have had to overcome.

We heard about location challenges, both at opening and when people are considering a move. Both Mill City Brew Werks in Camas, Wash. and Kopper Kettle in Durant, Okla. noted that they chose downtown locations, but it took time to find the right place and, then, to make sure people knew that businesses were moving in to downtown.

Business owners also shared challenges related to social media and the internet. Betty Stewart at Stewart’s Jewelry in Washington, N.C. notes that they work every day on their website. Rockie Gilcksman at Cotton Kisses Boutique in Corsicana, Texas says her social media sites alone would be a full-time job, and she handles them herself.

Hear their observations firsthand in the video above and don’t miss the opportunity to explore our Small Business Resource Center filled with tips to help boost your business.

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