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February 8, 2019

Why We Should All Take a Page from Lynn’s Café

Written by Julie Gordon

In a small town, just a few miles from the North and South Carolina border, sits a corner café where the locals congregate before sunrise. It’s the kind of place movie directors attempt to depict when the script calls for a restaurant in a rural setting. But stepping through the door of Lynn’s Café, you quickly realize there are no actors or extras, just some genuine folks looking for a hearty breakfast and maybe a little town gossip.

When our team from Deluxe recently visited small towns across the country as part of top 10 tour for the Small Business Revolution, we were often ushered to exciting new businesses lining main streets such as distilleries, escape rooms and hot yoga studios. While these trendy services are vital to the transformation of towns seeking a renaissance, it was my visit to Lynn’s that reminded me places like the café have served as the hub to their communities for generations.

Watching the friendly interactions from my cozy booth, I noticed how this café felt like home,  where the quick pace of the staff felt like a choreographed dance and where the constant greeting of “honey” and “sweetie” was endearing and shared with every diner – no matter gender, race or creed.

It’s the type of place where you’ll never see the bottom of your coffee cup, nor the extra charge for refills. It is the kind of place where the menu descriptions and the wall décor signal humor hasn’t been abandoned.

Lynn’s is the type of place where Wi-Fi would be out of place. On a corner of the diner sits a television set from the 1990s, the kind you can’t mount to a wall. That is where locals get essential news and weather, and where regular diners have you covered if you’ve forgotten your wallet.

When I commented to the waitress about the level of friendliness, she politely shared “I simply treat people how I want to be treated.”

It feels like every small town needs a Lynn’s Café. The food is hearty and delicious and plenty of it. When something doesn’t go exactly right, the owners are quick with a fix and the southern charm that, well, to an outsider, seems lost in today’s fast-paced world.

Like any other small business we visited, the story at Lynn’s is genuine and real. Given the chance to share a little of themselves, they wanted our team to feel like we had been dining there our entire lives. That’s what it feels like in a small town, in a local diner, where the extended family is hundreds of people deep.

Yes, Lynn’s Café is a good reminder of why every town needs a place like this to gather. Where every empty seat beckons you to stay awhile, enjoy the conversation and smile knowing you will be welcome the same way tomorrow.

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