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July 26, 2017

Celebrating summer with the Small Business Revolution

With August just around the corner and summer slowly waning, celebrate the joys of outdoor activities like barbecuing, sailing, and having cocktails on the patio with the Small Business Revolution!

McClure’s Barbecue

Before the birds are up and the mailman is out for delivery, Neil McClure can be found stoking the fire at his restaurant, McClure’s Barbecue in New Orleans, Louisiana. Neal discovered his passion for great barbecue at a young age working the overnight shift watching the pig roast at family gatherings. Now, McClure is developing a loyal following and hopes to continue serving top-quality Texas-style barbecue. Check out our conversation with Neal here.

Cocktails Couture 

Leah B. Flippen has always been an artist. Using her creative talents, Leah capitalized on her unique blend of service industry heritage, visual artistry and style, to carve out a new niche in the world in which she could prosper. The result? Cocktails Couture. Now, Leah hosts events with custom drinks designed to her clients’ tastes, and draws hand-scripted menus that include a selection of her cocktail creations. To learn more about Leah’s journey, visit our interview with the mixologist.


Artisan Boatworks

Alec Brainerd is a Maine native where being on the water is a way of life. Pursuing his passion, Alec began Artisan Boatworks in 2002, specializing in building and restoring classic wooden boats, ranging from small sailboats to custom yachts. The boating industry is not a small one, and competition is fierce, but Alec hopes that he can ease the strain by tacking towards doing more maintenance work, a more stable business than custom construction and restoration. To see photos of Alec’s creation process, check out our feature with Artisan Boatworks.

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