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May 3, 2017

Small businesses grow with Mother Nature

Spring has sprung and we are celebrating all things green and growing – including small businesses! In the spirit of this celebration of the fruits of nature, the Small Business Revolution is highlighting businesses that have Mother Nature right at their very core and are continuing to grow.

Peaches are collected and measured for size early in the morning at Lane Southern Orchards.

For more than a hundred years, Lane Southern Orchards has been growing and harvesting some of the best peaches and pecans in Georgia. Located in Fort Valley, Georgia, the family operated farm boasts over 3,000 acres of peach orchards and 3,000 acres of pecan groves. Mark Sanchez, current CEO, has been leading the transition from a traditional farm into a multi-faceted business. The orchard also plays home to a market and Peachtree Café and Bakery where you can sample the fruits of their labor, including pecan crusted catfish and of course, a delicious slice of peach cobbler a la mode. Learn more about their growing business here.

Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! on display at Whole Foods in Greenville, S.C. FlyPunch! is distributed in a number of grocery stores, bars, restaurants – pretty much wherever there is food – around the United States and internationally. Since the product is entirely non-toxic and natural, it can be sold in the produce department alongside fruit and vegetables as well as in the cleaning aisle.

Mat Franken of Aunt Fannie’s needed a new solution to clean his home of a severe fruit fly infestation due to severe allergies he shares with his son. He turned to making household products at home using whole ingredients, and after positive results and encouragement from friends Aunt Fannie’s was born. The whole ingredients that Aunt Fannie’s uses in their product come as nature intended, and are recognized as safe by human bodies. Franken sees himself not only as a proponent of living a healthy lifestyle, but as an ambassador for the town of Greenville, South Carolina. Discover how Aunt Fannie’s is bringing cleaning back to its roots here.

Julie Burroughs, owner of Farm Baby Foods, speaks to a mom’s play group about her products in Des Moines, Iowa. Alongside her small business, Burroughs has taken on the role of educating other parents about the difference between store-bought baby food with a shelf-life of two years and homemade, all-natural baby food that uses only natural, high-quality ingredients.

Julie Burroughs is a mother of four and owner of Des Moines, Iowa-based Farm Baby Foods, an all-natural baby food and snack company that uses fresh produce. Selling at the weekly Des Moines farmers’ market and local retail locations, Burroughs is a one-woman operation, making all the food herself and even delivering directly to her customers. The backbone of her business is based on her ‘non-negotiables’: fresh, organic produce, an in-house puree, transparent packaging so parents can see what they are purchasing, and an all-natural final product. Burroughs is developing more efficient ways to produce her product and considering co-packer options. See how Farm Baby Foods is maintaining its core values while continuing to grow at our interview with Julie.

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