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April 7, 2017

Celebrating World Health Day with the Small Business Revolution

World Health Day is celebrated every year on April 7, celebrating the founding of the World Health Organization and spreading awareness of the public health issues around the globe. To mark the occasion, we are highlighting three businesses in small towns that work tirelessly to provide care to their local communities.


Dr. Joe Witten leaves a home after making a Physician’s Housecall appointment.

High insurance premiums and expensive co-pays dominate headlines, but there is an underlying practical problem facing thousands of Americans: What if you have no way to get to the doctor’s office? This is the issue Hank Ross set out to solve with Physician Housecalls, a company that brings personal medical care directly to the homes of immobile patients living in throughout the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, region. Hank and his team provide many of the same services as doctors’ offices or hospitals but with a personal touch, conveniently treating the patient in the comfort of their own home. To learn more about this inspirational story, read our interview with Hank here.


Founded in 1926, Patterson’s Drug Store offers the opportunity to step back in time to a place where the pharmacy was also the local fountain shop, and the pharmacist is also the mayor.


Originally established in 1926, Patterson’s Drug Store continues to thrive in downtown Martinsburg, West Virginia, under the care of George Karos, who’s also the town’s mayor. Karos’s first job was working for James A. Patterson, the drug store’s original proprietor, manning the soda fountain and prescription department. Since then, the drugstore has evolved with the times, offering 24-hour emergency prescription service and a benefits program that helps people who can’t afford medicine. For more on how Karos uses service, price and quality to compete with larger pharmacies, read the original article.


The decor at Comfort Dental oozes comfort. In addition to candles and music, there is even a massage room.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Dr. Carmen Sanchez settled in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1994. After attending Boston University’s advanced dental program, she recognized a need in her local Latino community for a dentist who speaks their language. She started Comfort Dental, and her practice’s emphasis on the patient experience with a spa-like atmosphere has grown the business to an impressive 17,000 patients. To discover how Dr. Sanchez overcame the language barrier of navigating the business landscape, revisit our feature piece.

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