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Meet the Stars of SBR

March 30, 2017

Meet the stars of SBR: Sue Anderson of Deluxe

Sue Anderson, pictured left, along with director Matt Naylor and cast members Robert Herjavec and Amanda Brinkman.

In our “Meet the stars of SBR” series, we highlight the individuals behind the scenes of the Small Business Revolution and interview them to learn more about their experience working with business owners across the nation and why small businesses are essential.

Sue Anderson is a great listener. This quality makes her remarkably talented at bringing stories to life as a part of the Small Business Revolution team.

As director of user experience at Deluxe, Sue meets directly with small business owners every day, helping them create great customer experiences so the owners can focus on their passions. We caught up with Sue to talk about the importance of good website design, inspiring stories from working in Wabash, and what we can expect in the Small Business Revolution Season 2.


Tell us a little bit about your job at Deluxe and your role on the SBR team.

I’m responsible for customer experience at Deluxe. Our team lives and breathes our small business customers. My team has an incredibly thorough understanding of our customers’ needs because we have the privilege of interacting with them on a daily basis. We engage with them every week! With SBR, we take the skills that we have, creating experiences, and use those skill sets to help the folks we are passionate about in a hands-on capacity. We get to see the results of the work we do immediately, and the impact it has on small businesses is the most gratifying experience I’ve had working at Deluxe.

Why is it important to support small businesses?

Small business owners are the hardest-working and most passionate group of people I have ever met. Because marketing is not what they do for a living, it’s not their sole focus, we help with basic skills and strategy, helping them reach their potential. I am motivated to know that what I do helps them become more successful.

Why is good website design critical for small business owners?

A good website should be an encapsulation of who they are as a business. How can we take their passion and dedication to service and turn that into a website? That’s what’s so challenging. To outline what they are about in five or six pages is hard but it’s crucial. The website is a first point of contact and if you sell them on yourself, it does the work for you.

What is the most inspiring or surprising thing for you about the series?

I think that the most inspiring moments were when we talked to the small business owners and came up with strategies for helping them succeed. Those moments were amazing because things started to fall in to place and showed them how they can compete. They are so hungry and willing to learn, and we get to help them see their business in a different, productive light.

Tell us about a memorable story from your time working on the SBR project.

When we were done filming Season 1, I was talking to Judy and Harry, owners of Harry’s Old Kettle Pub and Grill, and they were sharing their story. It was incredibly encouraging, and seeing their appreciation and willingness to be open to guidance was inspiring. One other most memorable experience working on SBR last year was the chance to get to talk in front of the Small Businesses in the town.   We had a series of talks and I was part of one of them that focused on online strategy and how to think about who they want to be and articulating that online.

What are you looking forward to about Season 2 of the Small Business Revolution?

Doing it again! We learned from Season 1’s successes, but how can we expand and improve? Our goal is to effectively create things that can push small business owners in the right direction and make sure it’s sustainable after we leave. What tools can we give them so they can do it themselves? The focus is to keep them moving forward. I see every day the potential small business owners have and I want to help them achieve that.

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