About The Revolution

Now a nationwide movement, the Small Business Revolution was created to shine a spotlight on the vital impact of small businesses on our economy, our communities and our daily lives.


The evolution of our Revolution

Deluxe has been a proud champion of small business since 1915. The company celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015, creating the Small Business Revolution and showcasing 100 small business stories across the country through photo essays, videos and a half-hour documentary. It was a successful start to a movement Deluxe believes will bring even more attention and support to these important and inspiring entrepreneurs and employers nationwide.

Along the way, we learned that nowhere are small businesses more under siege than in our small towns. We created the Small Business Revolution – Main Street to help those small businesses, and in turn, those small towns, reignite the spark that drives them and keeps people coming back. We searched for one lucky town to win a $500,000 boost from Deluxe. Out of nearly 10,000 nominations, Wabash, Indiana emerged the winner. To watch Wabash’s transformation unfold, watch the eight-episode premiere season of the Small Business Revolution – Main Street.

After five finalists and a week-long voting period, the public named Bristol Borough, PA, the winner of Season 2 of the Small Business Revolution. Now, our team will roll up our sleeves, meet with the town’s leaders and small business owners, and get to work on the transformation. Stay tuned for the Season 2 premiere this Fall, and check out our blog for behind-the-scenes updates along the way.


Why we care

For all we hear about big business and huge corporations, it’s small businesses that really drive an incredible portion of the American economy. More than 50 percent of the employed population works at a small business. Entrepreneurs and small businesses have generated more than 65 percent of net new jobs in the past two decades. And 680,000 new small businesses start each year.

More importantly, small businesses provide a way for dreamers and entrepreneurs to realize their potential and provide opportunities for communities to bond and prosper. As a leading provider of marketing services and products for small businesses, Deluxe Corporation believes that small businesses are the future of the American economy.


Join the Revolution

Join the movement on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, and support the people who are powering our communities, our economy and our country.


For media inquiries, contact cameron.potts@deluxe.com.

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