Main Street: Season 2 THE FINALISTS

Polls are now closed. Come back on Feb. 22 to see which town won!

We can’t wait to announce the next Small Business Revolution – Main Street winner. We combed through 14,000 nominations, narrowed it down to five finalists and each town campaigned tirelessly for votes. Find out which town will win the $500,000 boost and be featured on the next season of the “Main Street” series on Feb. 22!

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Season 2 Finalists

How we helped Wabash

See how the Small Business Revolution helped the town of Wabash, Indiana

We rolled up our sleeves, dug into the town’s needs, and captured the transformation in the premiere season of the Small Business Revolution – Main Street. Eight inspiring episodes illustrate how small businesses and town leaders came together to overcome challenges and build a better future – and each episode includes powerful lessons for small businesses and communities across the country.

  • Gave small businesses a boost
    In addition to the rewarding work we did with the six small businesses you’ll see featured, we also held a marketing seminar and invited the public to attend. An audience of hundreds heard from small business marketing experts at Deluxe and from Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec as we covered everything from email marketing to search engine optimization to hiring to business strategy.
  • Helped improve public spaces
    A portion of Deluxe’s investment in Wabash went toward overhauling a run-down public space at a busy intersection, creating beautiful new signage for the town and many of its businesses, designing billboard advertisements along the highway to attract visitors from surrounding areas, and more.
  • Renewed the town’s sense of pride
    Wabash is a great place to live and work, and that was true before we came to town, too. But throughout the process of campaigning for votes, working with the Small Business Revolution team, and working with each other, the residents and small business owners of Wabash rediscovered their sense of community.

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