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Small business owners are the backbone of Main Streets across the United States, and this year, the Small Business Revolution is celebrating their contributions by bringing a $500,000 revitalization to one small town. The Small Business Revolution on Main Street kicked off in January with a call for nominations, and the excitement reached a fever pitch in May, during National Small Business Week, as our finalists competed in a head-to-head vote.

After more than 180,000 votes, Wabash is the winner! The transformation will be showcased in a show debuting here this fall. See below how it all started!

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Meet the Winner



In 1880 the town became the first electrically lit city in the world. Now, it’s determined to shine brighter than ever.

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Meet the Runner-Up



Over the past century, Silverton’s downtown has survived two devastating fires, but overcoming challenges is nothing new to the town’s residents.

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How it all Started

January 2016: Call for Nominations

In January 2016, Deluxe introduced the Small Business Revolution on Main Street campaign with a call for nominations, asking people to nominate special small towns that could use some support. People from coast to coast saw the potential impact of a $500,000 boost, and Deluxe received nearly 10,000 nominations across all 50 states. This video kicked off the call for nominations.

May 3, 2016: Finalists Announced and Voting Begins

Deluxe Corporation and celebrity entrepreneur Robert Herjavec narrowed the nominations to two incredible towns – Wabash, Indiana, and Silverton, Oregon. The finalists were announced during National Small Business Week in early May, and voting began. Residents and businesses in both towns worked tirelessly to campaign for votes – contacting elected officials and celebrities to help spread the word, hosting voting parties, and even bending “no cell phones” rules in area schools to allow students to cast votes!

May 12, 2016: We Have a Winner!

During the week-long public vote, hundreds of thousands of people visited to learn about these two towns and cast a vote for their favorite. In all, we tallied more than 180,000 votes. Despite the huge number of votes, the race was neck-and-neck the entire time – keeping everyone in suspense until the very end. Ultimately, Wabash squeaked past Silverton for the win.

Hundreds of Wabash residents gathered in a theater to hear the results announcement, and the crowd’s reaction – documented in this TV news story – tugged at our heartstrings.

Coming Fall 2016: “Small Business Revolution on Main Street” Show Premieres


The Deluxe team is in Wabash putting the $500,000 revitalization to work for the community. This transformation will be showcased in a show debuting here this fall.

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The Small Business Revolution, championed by Deluxe Corporation, is a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit that drives the American economy. Through photo essays and films, we’re shining a light on the power of small business.

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